October 2, 2016

ASMHI Inspection Experience

Service Inspection Types:

  • Residential Home
  • Condominium
  • Mold Test & Inspection
  • Drone / Thermography
  • B&B
  • STRH
  • Rental Unit Evaluation
  • New Construction
  • Cosmetic Finish Punchlist
  • Commercial / Business
  • Foundation / Roof Only

Service Areas:

We offer services across Maui, Lanai and Molokai. 

Travel fees apply for ZIP codes beyond Central / West / South Maui.

Getting Started

Whether you're a lifetime Local or first time resident, we understand there's a lot to consider in choosing your new home.  Our inspection services will improve your understanding of a listing's condition and serviceability.

Local Experience and Insight

Our Inspectors maintain their ASHI Certification regularly, which means we have a consistent, thorough approach to all of our service offerings.  With backgrounds in Hawaiian construction and home systems, we'll provide critical insight on details like weathering, insect damage and mold.

Next Steps

Please choose the service that's right for you, select your appointment using our Online Scheduler or give us a call.  We're available weekdays from 8 -4:30 Maui Time at (808) 879 4166.

Scope of Inspection: Residential and Condominium Services

For a full scope of the inspection, please review the ASHI Standards prior to your appointment.


Exterior Inspections Include:


  • Check for proper grading & drainage
  • Driveway & walkway conditions
  • Retaining walls & Fencing
  • Landscaping, Irrigation & more

Foundation & Crawlspace(s)

  • Components & conditions


  • Staircase(s) & entryway
  • Patio, decking & covering(s)
  • Exterior wall/trim components
  • Doors, windows & screens
  • Faucets & electrical components


  • Roofing materials, flashings, gutters & more

Garage & Laundry Areas

  • Components & conditions

Interior Inspections Include:


Heating & Air Conditioning systems

  • Efficiency testing not performed

Electrical systems

  • Plugs, switches, lights & ceiling fans (if accessible)
  • Low voltage systems & PV efficiency testing not included

Plumbing systems

  • Private waste system tanks not inspected / scoped

Room by Room Analysis

  • Walls, ceilings, floors, windows & doors

Staircase(s) & Safety components

Kitchen & Bath Areas

  • Fixtures & Major installed appliances


We don't perform full inspections on: pools, spas, photovoltaic, solar hot water, water catchment or other water features.  Our report will include some detail on the appearance and serviceability of these systems.

We can recommend service professionals for any in-depth evaluation or inspection requested.

Some areas and/or components may not be accessible and/or may be excluded during inspection of condominium(s) or commercial properties. 

For a full copy of our certified inspection standards, please review the ASHI Standards .

Preparing for your inspection:

Complete the Appointment Request

Sign the Inspection Agreement to warranty the inspection service

Make sure utilities (water & electric) are turned on

Ensure water heater, freezers & refrigerators are turned on at least 24 hours prior

Utility/Owner closets should be unlocked for inspection

Electrical panel(s) & water heating systems need to be accessible for the inspector (no wrappings, painted over panel doors, etc.)

You can highlight any concerns using the comment box on the Appointment Request form

Inspection Fees:

Home Inspections are tax deductible

The fee for your personalized inspection will be based upon square footage, special features, and additional dwelling units.

Nonconforming dwelling units, ohanas, pop-outs and converted space will be reviewed with the realtor to the best of our ability, and conveyed in the estimate.

Payment Types:

Secure online checkout available once your report is completed.

Personal check, money order or cash also accepted, onsite.

Escrow transfer available for only $25.

What To Expect With ASMHI

Personalized service & scheduling

Comprehensive on-site inspection

Full Matrix Report delivered online within 48 hours


Your Full Matrix Report will be filled with information
and detailed photography

Inspection Benefits


  • Bring to light any problems before final commitment to buy
  • Identify positive features, maintenance needs and energy saving recommendations


  • Provide written testimony on the condition of your property
  • Address issues in advance of listing your property
  • Justify best selling price


  • Release burden & liability of technical aspects of the transaction
  • Address concerns well in advance of closing
  • Help insure well-founded Buyer Confidence
  • Provide satisfaction to Clients and generate positive referrals